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Delta Radio 97.9FM Hits The Airwaves Again

by blcknyt1511

True to its promise, the management of Delta Broadcasting Service has put the radio arm of its service back on air, barely 4 days after massive torrential rains hit Asaba the Delta state capital.

It took the ingenuity of a high powered “Back on Air “committee working round the clock to achieve what has been acclaimed as an engineering masterstroke.

With the the support of the Hon. Commissioner of Information , Patrick Ukah and Commissioner of Special duties, Ernest Ogwezi, the committee set to work overcoming all obstacles, poised to achieve its set goal of returning the signals of FM 97.9 back on air.

It will be recalled that the General Manager of Delta broadcasting Service, Mrs Evelyn Binitie set up a “back on air ” committee headed by the Deputy General Manager News and Current affairs Mr Frankwhyte Osabohien with the responsibility of bringing the station on air within the shortest possible time, after the devastation caused by the torrential rainfall and subsequent flooding that ravaged the premises of the broadcast outfit .

The Deputy General Manager, Outside Broadcast Mr Ruke Edjeren expressed gratitude to all those that heeded the clarion call and came to the aid of Delta broadcasting Service Asaba.

He however said the battle against the destruction caused by flood is not yet over as the TV arm of the service is yet to be attended. He made a passionate appeal for bueracracy to circumvented so as to enable TV arm come back on air.

Mr Edjeren gave special kudos to the Assistant General Manager ICT Mr Gabriel Muemoifo and the Assistant General Engineering Services Mr Monday Imariegbe for their dedication and patriotism.

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