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Delta Under Okowa Now Hub Of Food Production, Manufacturing – Iyasere by Raymond Isara

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RECENTLY a reporter, Mr. Raymond Isara had an encounter with Chief (Barr) Mrs. Mary Awhotu Iyasere, Delta State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry. She spoke exclusively on the State of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ethiope East Local Government Area, Governor okowa’s achievements in two years in office, the job creation programme of the Governor, Governor Okowa’s second tenure and advice to Deltans.

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Madam, you convened a political party meeting in your country home at Orhoakpor and it was well attended by PDP faithfuls from all the 11 Wards in Ethiope East Local Government Area.

What actually motivated you to call this meeting?

It is a normal thing to hold political party meeting, principally to bring our people and political family together to discuss issues that affects the local Government so that our party, PDP can wax stronger in the local government.

It has been alleged that the Governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa lost the governorship election in Ethiope East in 2015. Despite that, he has kindly appointed sons and daughters of the local government area into his administration. Is it true?

It is not true that Ethiope East lost the governorship election in 2015, but rather got the required percentage that the governor needed in every local government in Delta State. So, it is not true.

In any case, the governor has been good, magnanimous and meant well for us in Ethiope East. He knows Ethiope East and he has not neglected any area. Our people are hard working and I am sure that our people will do better in the next election.

How do you assess Governor Okowa’s performance in two years in office and how do you rate him?

Deltans can testify that he has done perfectly well. In spite of the recession, he has been able to manage the resources, marvelous work are going on, he pays salaries regularly as and when due and given prosperity to Deltans as promised.

A SMART governor, a prosperity governor and a man of the people.

He is constructing and rehabilitating roads everywhere in the State and has a planned Agenda to develop every segment of the State; that is exactly what he is doing in terms of infrastructural development, road construction, Education and Hospitals. So what the governor promised to do during his electoral campaign days, that is, what he is accomplishing for Deltans.

How do you see the Job Creation Programme of our governor through the Skill Training Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) and Youth Agricultural Entrepreneur Programme (YAGEP) for the teeming Youths in the State?

When this government came on board, we found out that the State civil service was over bloated and it was not possible to continue to employ more people; and a responsible government cannot just look at its citizens like that, like the school leavers to be without jobs. So, the governor decided to create entrepreneurship for our school leavers and young people by training them.

They were given starter packs to set up their businesses along the areas of their training and also gave some of them loan to expand their businesses.
He decided to set up a monitoring group agency to make sure that businesses so set up succeed.

Having said that, do you think His Excellency Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa deserves a second tenure come 2019 in office and what is your advice to Deltans?
The second tenure in any government is not given by right. It is given as a result of performance and Okowa has performed excellently well. Therefore, he deserves a second tenure.

He has kept his promise to Deltans in the areas of provision of infrastructure, construction like roads, schools, hospitals equipped with drugs and he has trained our youths to become entrepreneurs.

Delta State is now a big Hub of Food Production and manufacturing has also improved tremendously. For instance, two Fish Feed Mills would commissioned in few weeks situated in Ika North-East and Uvwie local government areas.

19601541_1443195245728797_7580001419208498927_nMarket women and farmers have been given loans to enhance their businesses and trade and prosperity which he has promised is everywhere.

So my candid advice to Deltans is that they should continue to vote PDP and when the winner is announced, the losers should accept defeat and stop spending their money in litigation in the law court.

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