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DESOPADEC Faults Media Reports on Released 500 Million Naira to the Commission.

by blcknyt1511

The management of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC, has faulted a media publication pitching the members of the board and the governor, on the amount released to run the commission by the state government from the month of June federal allocation.

Reacting to the publication, the Executive Director Social Services Development, Hon Ochor Chris Ochor called the publication, biased with the intention to rubbish the members of the board before the government and people of the mandate area.

According to Hon Ochor, the board had not sat for any management meeting recently, and in no time had the members either at board level or management level discussed the amount released, and was neither there any time members of the board or management openly complained about the amount released to the commission.

Hon Ochor reminded the people of the state, especially the people from the mandate areas, that recently members of the Indigenous Contractors Association, carried out a protest to the commission to demand for payment for completed jobs, this was widely reported in the media, and the protesters were informed of the release of the sum of N500 million naira to offset part of the money owed the contractors. After that meeting with the contractors, the Managing Director travelled on an official assignment and since then no other meeting has been held with contractors.

“This publication is a total lie. It is funny for anybody to go to the press to make such a claim. Because the said money released was for contractors and not for running the commission”, he said.

The Executive Director said that at the meeting, the contractors pleaded that the governor should release more money to the commission to offset part of the debts.

“If N500 Million was released to pay the contractors, what does that tell you. Should the N500 million that was meant for the contractors be used to run the commission, pay staff salary and other exigencies?”, he asked.

He called on the media organisations, especially reporters to always verify information before going to press while condemning the practice of terror journalism, where some journalists only have the intention of destroying organisations and individuals, instead of giving factual reports.

Hon Ochor reaffirmed the confidence of the Board and Management in the governor to reposition the Commission to fulfill the mandate of developing the oil and gas communities in Delta State.

“These people should leave DESOPADEC and Governor Okowa alone.” he concluded.

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