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House Committee On Information Charges Staff To Be Innovative

by blcknyt1511

In a bid to ensure that the funds appropriated for Ministry of Information especially its parastatals are judiciously and effectively utilized , the House Committee on Information has vowed to wholly support the Commissioner of Information as well as monitor the implementation of 2020 budget when passed into Law.

The Chairman House Committee on Information, Honourable Tim Owhefere disclosed this yesterday when the Commissioner of Information, Mr. Charles Aniagwu led the the management of the Ministry to defend the year 2020 Budget proposal before the Committee.

The Chairman noted that for some time all measures put in place to make the parastatals work had not yielded the desired results but expressed hope that this time around appreciable achievement would be made under the incumbent Commissioner.

While commending the Commissioner of Information for his doggedness and commitment to duty, the Chairman expressed his happiness at the appointment of a veteran journalist as Commissioner for Information, saying the effective management of the Parastatals and the desired change would be very visible in the nearest future.

The Chairman further urged the management of the parastatals to improve on the content since no establishment without quality contents would thrive in the very competitive market in which they operate in.

Mr. Charles Aniagwu Commissioner for Information had earlier reeled out some achievements that the Ministry had registered within a very short period especially in Pointer which had been re-branded with a new newsroom, furniture and equipment among others.

The Commissioner, who proposed a capital budget of N350 million for the state Ministry of Information and N100 million for the Bureau of Orientation said he had the intention of undertaking a number of new projects in the coming fiscal year.

Top on the priority of the projects was the establishment of a new state printing press to allow for more dependable financial resourcefulness.

“Government should look beyond repairing old machines that are archaic and grossly outdated. With N450 million, we can get a dependable web printer that would be able to service the state as well as generate revenue”.
Aniagwu, who noted that the proposed State Printing Press would co-exist and operate in tandem with the Delta Printing and Publishing Company,

Publishers of The POINTER titles, explained that the private sector could also be incorporated, with a regulated process of operations.

The Commissioner pointed out that it was not acceptable that The Pointer newspaper continues to go to private outfits and competitors to print their papers. According to him, the arrangement was threatening and at the same unsustainable.

Another significant project proposition brought forward by the Commissioner was the need to properly equip the headquarters of the Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS).

He noted that there was the need to strengthen the transmitting station at Ubulu-Uku, which according to him, was supposed to be the highest point for signal transmission.

Aniagwu presented that the Asaba station needed to be equipped with a microwave so that Hie injected signals would hit Ubulu-Uku directly instead of downloading from the transmitter.

The Commissioner had while presenting the 2020 Budget proposal promised that with the support of the House Committee on Information, the Ministry of Information would doggedly pursue the implementation of the Budget when approved.

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