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Impound of Vehicles Without Number Plates

by blcknyt1511
Date: 14th August, 2017
It is hereby announced for the information of the general public particularly owners of vehicles and motorists without vehicle number plates on the streets and highways in Delta State and whose number plates were confiscated by Delta State Traffic Management Authority (DESTMA), for Traffic offences, that DESTMA will from Friday  September 1, 2017, commence impounding of vehicles without number plates.
All unauthorized motorists with covered number plates are also reminded of a government order, which restricts members of the public from covering their Registration Number Plates, with the exception of Heads of the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary.
All defaulting motorists without their number plates are requested to pay their penalties to the State IGR account and collect their Number Plates.
The call to uncover Number Plates is necessary as the action would assist to check the current wave of social vices such as kidnapping, gangsterism, robbery amongst other vices.
Accordingly, all unauthorized motorists who find it trendy to cover their Number Plates and those without Number plates are by this announcement advised to immediately desist from such as failure to comply with the above order will attract sanctions as provided by the law establishing DESTMA.
Paul Osahor
Director of Information

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