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The Honourable Commissioner for Information,
The Permanent Secretary – Directorate of Transport,
Directors of Information,
Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalist
Gentlemen of the Press,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

I wish to thank His Excellency, the Governor for providing this forum wherein Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), are given the opportunity to present their programmes, actions and achievement of Government under their purview. Permit me also to thank my colleague the Honourable Commissioner for Information who arranged this meeting.

The Directorate is charged with the responsibility of formulating State Transport Policies and Programme as well as implementing them, thus the broad vision and mission of the Directorate is stated hereunder.

2.1 The Broad Vision and Mission of the Directorate of Transport
The broad goal of the Directorate is to provide safe, reliable, effective, efficient and integrated transport operations and infrastructure that will best meet the needs of passengers and freight services.

For the purpose of clarity and appreciation, permit me to state the policy thrust of the Directorate:

 To channel all available resources to provide Delta State with adequate, sustainable, affordable, comfortable and safe transportation services in all modes as well as provide Mechanical Engineering/Marine Services to Deltans in general;

 To promote general Mechanical/Marine Engineering practices in the execution of state policies and programmes and the provision of equipment support services as well as engineering practices relevant to the transportation industry for rapid development and improvement of transport infrastructure for the benefit of the citizens;

 The Directorate is responsible for the design, supervision and administration of traffic control devices, inter-city/intra-city transportation and water craft services;

 The Directorate is to ensure effective management, control of road traffic policies, safety of lives and property on our roads as well as harnessing of revenue accruing from motor vehicle related transactions and taxation;

 To provide transportation infrastructure such as Jetties, Buoys, Pillars, Terminals and Stop Shelter, Lay-Bys, Harbour etc;

 To evolve active strategies for the channelization and dredging of inland waterways routes in order to provide easy access to the Riverine communities in the State.

Consequently, the Directorate of Transport is charge with the following responsibilities
• Formulation and implementation of the State transport policies.
• Regulating Traffic on State roads, bridges and waterways.
• Roads and Waterways Safety measure.
• Provisions of infrastructure to encourage inter and intra city transport by private investors.
• Removal of obstruction from the highways and waterways.
• Vehicle inspection and issuance of roads and river worthiness certificate.

The Directorate is headed by the Honourable Commissioner who is the Chief Executive followed by the Permanent Secretary who is the Chief Accounting Officer. There are seven (7) Departments in the Directorate as listed below.
• Marine Transport
• Land Transport
• Vehicle Inspection
• Mechanical Engineering Services
• Planning, Research and Statistics
• Administration and
• Finance and Accounts.

a) Public Relation Unit and

b) Audit Unit
The Directorate has Sixteen (16) Zonal Offices located at Warri, Effurun, Oleh, Asaba, Kwale, Ughelli, Patani, Bomadi, Isiokolo, Ororekpe, Sapele, Koko, Agbor, Owa-Oyibu, Ogwuashi-Uku, Oghara and three (3) Annexes at Abraka, Agbarho and Obiaruku. The Directorate has three (3) Parastatals: the Delta State Transport Services Limited, the Delta Waterways Limited and Delta State Traffic Management Authority (DESTMA).

The Directorate has effectively keyed into the SMART agenda of His Excellency, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration as relates to the transportation sector of the State economy. Our activities are anchored on the “Strategic Wealth Creation Projects and Provision of Jobs for Deltans”.

The Directorate has created an enabling environment and platform to fully deploy all available resources within its reach in providing a sustainable transport infrastructure and an efficient service delivery for the development of the transport sector of Delta State.

The achievements of the Directorate of Transport since the inception of this administration will be presented under the following headings:-
i. Infrastructural Development,
ii. Human Capital Development, and
iii. Road Safety Measures

A.) Land infrastructural Development:
State Urban Transportation programme
You will recall that the previous administration procured many high capacity Buses for intra and inter-city transportation. Recently, 50 of these buses were returned by those whom they were allocated. With the approval of His Excellency, the Governor, an inter-ministerial committee was set up to manage them. Presently, these buses have been deployed and are applying routes such as Asaba – Illah, Asaba-Otulu-Akwukwu Igbo and Asaba metropolis, charging subsidized fares to bring transportation closer to the people.

Development of Tankers/Trailers Parks
In continuation of its infrastructural strategy, the State Government plans to construct trailers/tankers parks at strategic locations in the State. Towards this end, the Directorate has entered into negotiations with reputable investors to construct a world-class Tankers/trailers park at Ubeji in Warri South Local Government Area, on a Public-Private Partnership Arrangement. Recently, a business trip was undertaken by government officials to South Africa to further negotiations with the investors for this purpose. When fully operational, the scheme will provide about 200 jobs for drivers, cleaners, conductors and washers etc.

Passenger Welfare Scheme
The passenger welfare scheme was flagged-off on 29th June 2016. The scheme was introduced by the State Government to ameliorate the effect of accident on commuters traveling within and outside the State by way of payment of compensation packages through the scheme as well as enable the government have the census on casualties of road accidents, to inculcate safety measures into the transport companies and culture of data keeping.

The scheme has been inaugurated and is in operation across the State. The scheme has created jobs for more than 50 (fifty) Deltans since its commencement. The data gathered from the Passenger Welfare Manifest is used for planning purpose in the State Transport Sector and has contributed meaningfully to the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the State.

Collection of Daily Road Tax
To streamline activities of tricycle operations, the State Government inaugurated a supervisory committee for the commercial motorcycle and tricycle operation in Delta State. This is to ensure government continuous involvement in the supervision and monitoring of the operation of commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators in the State. The scheme will enforce compliance with the wearing of vests and helmets. This scheme has provided about 1041 jobs for its members and other Deltans. The scheme has also ensured the harmonious relationship between the State Government and the tricycle operators across the State as well as contributing to the internally generated revenue of the State.

Collection of revenue from the Effurun Tankers Park
Essence of the tankers park at Warri is to decongest the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) Expressway where petroleum tankers park indiscrimately and in the process pose danger to lives of other road users. It will also address the menace of highway gridlocks and environmental degradation caused by commercial and private petroleum tankers and other high axle trucks that visit Warri and environs. The revenue generated from the park will be used to maintain the existing park as well as boost the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the State. A consultant has been commissioned to collect the fee and a task force for the decongestion of petroleum tankers from the NPA Expressway, Refinery environs and the Ubeji-Ifie axis has been inaugurated in November, 2016.

Provision of traffic control device
The Governor of Delta State His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Okowa has approved the provision and installation of the wireless light Emission Diode Solar Powered Traffic Light at Mariam Babangida Junction/Okpanam Road, Asaba. The three-way traffic light has helped to minimize traffic jams and also improves the orderliness and smooth flow of traffic at the intersections. In addition it will complement the activities of the Delta State Traffic Management Authority (DESTMA) and aid the transformed environment through massive urban renewal agenda of the present administration.

Construction of Ultra-Modern Mechanic Village
The State Government has approved the construction of ultra-modern mechanic village through the partnership with a private operator under the Build Operate and Transfer option (BOT). Rehomes Property Development Co Ltd is developing the property. The ultra modern facility will have 82 mechanic workshops, 992 auto spare parts shops, a police post, a fire service post, a bank, a clinic, a designated motor part, Car Wash, Central Refuse Dump, Union House, etc. The project is to be completed in eighteen months.

Delta State Traffic Management Authority
The State Government through the Directorate inaugurated the Delta State Traffic Management Authority to take charge of traffic management in the State. The pioneer staff of the authority is drawn from the Civil Service (300) and newly recruited personnel (100) making 400 in all. The Authority has commenced operations in Asaba, Warri /Effurun and Ughelli since 16th June 2016. An 8-day induction training programme was carried out for the staff at Asaba from 7th – 14th April 2016. The training comprises para-military drills, practicals and lectures delivered by officials of Lagos State Traffic Management Authorities (LASTMA). The mandate of the authority is to ensure safety and total traffic compliance on our highways. To impact good driving habit on our drivers, it is hoped that with the inauguration of DESTMA accident cases on our highways will be reduced.

B.) River infrastructural Development
Construction of Concrete Jetty and Shore Protection at Oko-Odifulu Oshimili South LGA
His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State approved the construction of a concrete jetty and shore protection at Oko-Odifulu, Oshimili South Local Government Area. It is pertinent to note that the contractor has mobilized to site and work is in advanced stage. The economic importance of jetties cannot be over emphasized as they facilitate boarding / disembarking of passengers and goods. The main occupation of the Oko-Odifulu Community is farming, particularly yam farming. The construction of the jetty will therefore provide facilities for the evacuation of their farm products and thus, boost economic activities in the community. In addition, the completion of the project will enhance the strategic wealth creation activities of the SMART agenda.

Human Capital Development
i. Acreditation of School of Marine Technoogy, Burutu
The State Government has released funds to the School for its accreditation. The accreditation process is on-going. The interview for the appointment of principal officers of the School namely, the Provost, Registrar and Librarian has been concluded.

ii. Supply of classroom and office furniture for School of Marine Technology, Burutu
The State Government recently approved the supply of 250No three sitter desks with lockers, 20No Teachers tables and 20No teachers’ chairs for the school, the contract award process for the supply of these classroom and office furniture are on-going. When procured it will provide comfortable seating facilities for the students and staff thus creating an enabling environment for conducive learning as well as facilitating the accreditation process of the school

iii. Provision of 120No life jackets for official/studuent of the School of Marine Technoogy
The State Government also approved the provision of 120 life vest for the students/ staff of the School of Marine Technology, Burutu and the contract award process is on-going. The utility of these life vests will ensure the safety of students/staff of the school while traveling from Warri Main Jetty to the school.

Road Safety Measure
The Directorate has been constantly in road traffic patrol activities and general road checks throughout the State for the purpose of enforcing road traffic laws, edicts and regulations. It has also been involved in several road accident rescue operation across the State.

Collection of Certificate of Road Worthiness Fees
The Directorate engaged a consultant, Tamfel Global Resources to process and issue Certificate of Road Worthiness for vehicles across the State. The demurrage accruing from the improved activities of the Vehicle Inspection activities has enhanced the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the State.

• Inadequate manpower especially in the number of vehicles inspection officers. To bridge this gap, request has been made to the Governor to approve voluntary transfer of serving officers who wish to serve as VIOs.

• There is shortage of drivers as the Directorate is unable to meet up with requests from MDAs for drivers to be posted to them

• Lack of operational vehicles, especially for use by vehicles Inspection Officers for road patrols. This also applies to the newly established Delta State Traffic Management Authority (DESTMA)

• Inadequate budgetary provision has hindered the overall performance of some of the Directorate projects.

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