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Philosophy Of Sound Fiscal Policies In Delta State.

by blcknyt1511

Hon. Patrick. Ukah, Commissioner for Information, Delta State, today in a meeting with his media team, disclosed that the term “egho aria” should not be misconstrued for absence of funds from the Federal Government Allocation to the state or Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), rather it should be understood to be a philosophy of sound: financial prudence and fiscal discipline.

He added that with the total revenue accruing to the state aggregately, dropping to about two-thirds of its usual amount, monetary and fiscal policies of the state can not be business as usual. Hence there is a need for judicious utilization of scarce resources that are available to the state, with transparency and accountability, to engender prosperity to ” Deltans”.

He posited that, management arises whenever and wherever resources are limited, which is the fundamental lesson of basic economics.

He stressed the spirit of “egho aria“; a philosophy of sound fiscal management and prudence, if misconstrued delineates one’s ignorance of basic economic laws or a pretence of ignorance of the realities on ground with respect to Micro and Macro Economic policies.

He also added that the N10 billion from Paris Club Excess Loan Deduction Refunds will be judiciously expended on salary arrears, cooperative deductions and pensions by the state government.

An accurate statistical breakdown is still being awaited from the office of the Accountant General of the State and the Ministries of Finance and Economic Planning.

It is only a “prodigal governor” that will tell the state, funds are abundant only to compose fiscal problems afterwards.

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