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One of the ironies of consistency is that it tends to be assumed as the truth. That is what Amour Udemude and his Saharareporters have been bent on achieving in the past three weeks. They deliberately kept on repeating lies to give credibility to their warped and verbiagerated piece aimed at smearing the hard earned good reputation of Chief Patrick Ukah, the immediate past Commissioner for Information in Delta State.

Just to set the records straight before right thinking minds, we make bold to state that the allegations by Amour Udemude and his Saharareporters are all lies fabricated out of facts to mislead the general public.

There is no doubt that N18.7 million was spent in the purchase of camera but was it on eight cameras only? No! There were more than eight cameras and of different specifications. Twelve cameras and accessories were procured at that amount and four each were distributed to DBS Asaba, DBS Warri and the Ministry of Information. Amour Udemude did not inform the public that the camera’s have accessories. This shows falsehood aimed to misleading the public.

It is a pity that they (Amour Udemude and Saharareporters) do not even know that the purchase was contracted out to a company and if they understand the rudiments of procurement that is when they will realize the folly in their failed attempt to get at the former commissioner, because the procurement followed due process before it was approved by His Excellency, the Governor.

The document they claimed to have gotten from the transition committee through a source they refused to name is a lie. The committee was not on an inquisition mission but to collate the achievements of government and it did not at anytime query the expenditure of the ministry on the purchase of cameras or any other procurement. They actually stole a draft document meant to be submitted to the Transition Committee. That stolen draft laced with errors is what Amour and his co-traveller Saharareporters, out of desperation and envy, are now blindly parading as factual. How mischievous can one be.

In journalism, opinion is free but facts are sacred. It is obvious that since Amour Udemude got the very primary facts of the number of cameras and the true mission of the transition committee wrong, every other thing flowing from there is misleading.

We are fully aware that Amour Udemude and Saharareporters have agreed for pecuniary gains to be willing tools in the hands of detractors bent on tarnishing the good image and the rising profile of Chief Patrick Ukah. They tried initially to hoodwink the former Information Commissioner to pacify them by negotiating a fee or else they would expose a document in their possession, Ukah snubbed them knowing he had nothing to hide. The outcome of that is now the cheap blackmail and yellow journalism which Amour and his Saharareporters had resorted to all this while in their failed attempt to get back to Ukah for refusing to fall their cheap blackmail.

It is however, not a surprise, as Amour Udemude’s stock in trade since inception is to engage in cheap blackmail and extortion. He is well known at as serial blackmailer and a quack. He has never been involved in true journalism because he lacks the wherewithal. Like the saying goes, you cannot give what you do not have. He has no qualification in journalism or mass communication and lack the basic character of engagement and civility. What do you expect from such a misfit in all ramification if not hogwash?

For the records, Chief Patrick Ukah’s landmark achievements in the Ministry of Information is unparalleled. He has transformed the ministry to a conducive working environment; ensured that staff got professionalized and trained for better service delivery; and projected the state government to a level of abundant goodwill.

Chief Patrick Ukah worked tireless to better the lots of both Delta Broadcasting Service Asaba and Warri respectively.

We should not forget that the financial position of the state when the commissioner assumed office was at its lowest ebb and he was able to achieve result despite the paucity of funds. Only an astute manager can do it. The commissioner should rather be commended given the meagre resources at his disposal.

Although he has left as commissioner, the works he did are now already translating into gainful realities. Today, digital transmission of signals is now in place in DBS Asaba and with the New management in DBS Warri settling down for serious business, the same arrangement would be put in place as modalities had already been worked out to digitize DBS Warri also.

We wish to state unequivocally that we have confidence in Chief Patrick Ukah, and the legacies he left behind will stand the test of time, irrespective of the failed efforts of detractors under the guise of tools such as Amour Udemude and Saharareporters to suggest otherwise.

Delta State Ministry of Information,

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