Some Road Projects Carried Out By The Okowa Administration


1 Construction of Issele-Uku/Onicha-Uku/Ugbodu/Ukwu-Nzu/Obomkpa/Idumu-Ogo Road, Phase I: completion of the 6.65kilonetre length from Idumu-ugo to Obomkpa in Aniocha North Local Government Area Ongoing

2 Continuation of the Construction of Issele-Uku/Onicha-Uku/Ugbodu/Ukwunzu/Obomkpa/Idumu-Ogo Road: Completion of Phase II of the Contract (2.43Km Length from Onicha-Uku to Ukwu-Nzu) in Aniocha North L.G.A. Ongoing

3 Rehabilitation of Isele-Uku Main Access Road from Benin/Asaba Federal Highway with an Extension to Obi Palace Junction on Market Road in Isele-Uku town. Completed

4 Construction of Idumuje-Ugboko/Idumuje-Unor Road in Aniocha North LGA Ongoing


1 Completion of the Construction Of Ogwashi-uku/Ubulu-Unor Road Ongoing

2 Continuation of the Construction of Onicha-Ugbo/Ubulu-Uku Road with a Spur to Knowledge Centre, Onicha-Ugbo; Phase I: From the Expressway Junction to yje Knowledge Centre including Internal Roads within the Centre (2.157km) Ongoing

3 Rehabilitation/Asphallt Overlay of Nsukwa/Ejeme-Aniogor/Agbor-Alidinma/Owa-Alidinma/Ndemili Road in Aniocha south, Ndokwa West, Ika South and Ika North East L.G.A. Ongoing


1 Construction of Abavo Circular Road, Abavo, Phase I: 5.26km length inclusive of the spur to Ogbekile Street, Ika South LGA Ongoing

2 Construction of Agbor Alidinma – Obiduhon Road, Ika South LGA Ongoing

3 Construction of Idumu-Oza/Aliagu/Oki RoadL in Ika South LGA Ongoing

4 Construction of Odion/Odi/Igunbor and Ewere Street in Ika South LGA Completed

5 Construction of Idumu Ugboh Street with a Spur of 113metres to Godwin Emefiele Close, Agbor in Ika South LGA Completed

6 Construction of the middle section of Alisimie/Oza-Nogogo Road in IKa South Local Government Area Completed

7 Construction of Upper Imudia/ Dr. White Street, Agbor in Ika South LGA Completed

8 Rehabilitation of failed sections on Agbor/Abavo, Umutu-Eku Road (from College Junction to Agbor to Eku Junction). Completed

9 Construction of Orikeze Street with a Spur to Orikeze Close in Ika South Local Government Area Completed


1 Construction of Owa-Aladinma Road in Ika North East LGA Completed

2 Reconstruction of Owa-Alero/Ute-Okpu Road (from Flyover to Ute-Okpu Roundabout) in Ika North East LGA Completed

3 Rehabilitation of Old Abraka Road (from Traffic Light to Powerline), Owa in Ika North East LGA Completed

4 Dualisation of Owa-Ekei-Owa-Alero Road (from Old Lagos/Asaba Road to Owa Alero Roundabout) in Ika North East LGA On-going

5 Construction of Onyeacholem Street with a spur to Onyeacholem Close (From Morka Street to Abraka Road), Owa in Ika North East Local Government Area Completed

6 Completion of the construction of Palace Road, Owa-Oyibu in Ika North-East Local Government Area Completed 

7 Construction of Ikokogbe/Idumizomor Road, Owa-Oyibu in Ika North East Local Government Area Completed

8 Construction of Edwin/Ikechukwu Roads, Owanta/Aliosimi in Ika North East LGA Completed

9 Construction of Ogala-Chuwkuemeke Street with a Spur to Orolua Close, Word of Faith Street and Kingsley Street, Owa in Ika North-East LGA Completed

11 Construction of Access Road to Ani-ikpeku, (Palace Road) Igbodo Completed

12 Construction of Ndobu Road, Off Palace Road, Igbodo (Phase I) in Ika North East LGA Completed

13 Construction of Word of Faith Street, Owa in Ika North East LGA Completed

14 Rehabilitation & Asphalt Overlay of Umunede/Otolokpo/Ute-Okpu/Ekuku-Agbor/Ndemili/Obeti/Umutu Road in Ika North East, Ika South, Ndokwa West & Ukwuani L.G.A. On-going

15 Construction of drainage along Edwin/Ikechukwu Street, Boji-Boji Owa in Ika North East LGA Completed

16 Construction of the Extention of Ikokogbe-Idumuizomor-Palace road, Owa-Oyibu. Completed

17 Dualization of Old Lagos/Asaba Road from Emuhu Junction to Agbor-Obi Junction. On-going

18 Construction of Agboma-Mokpia Street, Owa-Alero On-going

19 Construction of Melekwe St, Owa. Completed

20 Construction of Mbiri Township Roads, Mbiri. On-going

21 Construction of Asiwe Lane,Okubor Street and Obiagbena Lane, all in Owanta On-going


1 Construction of Obi Okolotu/Anthony Street with access from Maduemezie Street, Asaba in Oshimili South LGA Completed

2 Construction of Usonia Street in Asaba Completed

3 Dualization of Nnebisi Road (from Traffic Light Junction to Cable Point), Asaba Completed

4 Supply and Replacement of Stolen Transformers and Installation of Approach Lights at the Runway 11 End at Asaba Airport. On-going

5 Rehabilitation of Roundabout at Nnebisi/Okpanam/Anwai Roads and Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan Way Intersection, Asaba (Section II) Completed

6 Rehabilitation of Roundabout at Nnebisi/Okpanam/Anwai Roads and Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan Way Intersection, Asaba (Section I) Completed

7 Construction of Esenwa Street, Access Road to Christ Embassy Church, road Maduemezie Street, Asaba.and extention and Access Road to the Orthopedic/ Surgical Wards and Doctors Quarters (FMC) Asaba Completed 

8 Construction of Discharge Channel at Ibori Golf Course, Asaba Completed

9 Rehabilitation Works on Asaba International Airport On-going

10 Consultancy Services for the Rehabilitation of Asaba On-going

11 International Airport Runway and Taxiways On-going

12 Dualization of Ughelli/Asaba Road, [Sector A] On-going

13 Dualization of Asaba/Okpanam Road,[ Sector 11] On-going

14 Continuation and Completion of the Construction of Storm Water Control Measures in DLA/Jesus Saves Corridor, Asaba On-going


1 Construction of Ogbani Road (Circular Road) and the Completion of Hezua Road Phase I, Akwukwu-Igbo Completed

2 Construction of Council Road, Akwukwu-Igbo Completed

3 Construction of Joseph Ebolo/Madona School Rd, On-going


1 Rehabilitation/Widening of Access Road to Beneku Community in Ndokwa East LGA On-going

2 Reconstruction of Entrance Road to Iselegu Town. [Phase 1] On-going


1 Construction/Reconstruction of Kwale Township Roads in Ndokwa West Local Government Area. On-going

2 Continuation of the Reconstruction of Amai/Ezionum/Abbi Road: Completion of Phase III of the project (3.75km Length between Ezionum and Abbi in Ukwuani and Ndokwa West L.G.A. On-going

3 Rehabilitation of Kwale-Ogume-Amai-Obiaruku road asphalt overlay of an 11.1 kilometre section Completed


1 Reconstruction of Ubeji Access Road (from NPA Road Interchange to Trans-Warri Junction) in Warri South LGA. On-going

2 Construction of Okere-Urhobo Community Road in Warri South L.G. Completed

3 Rehabilitation of Esisi Road and Marapo (Swamp) Road both in Warri South Local Government Area.

Construction of Dederu/Ejiyere/Akemu Streets. Completed.

4 Construction of Trans-Warri –Ode-Itsekiri Bridges and Access road, Phase 1, Sector 1, Ubeji to Ode-Itsekiri Roundabout with Spurs to Ijala, Ugbodede, Orugbo and Ajigba-Inorin-Usele Communities and Section 11 [111] Ode-Itsekiri. On-going

5 Rehabilitation of NPA Bye pass Road (From New Port Gate to Old Port Gate), Including 600m Length from NPA Gate to the Ugwuwangwe Market Along NPA Expressway and 150m Length Along NPA to Airport Road Bye Pass, Warri Completed

6 Reconstruction of Ugborikoko/Polokor  market/Okere road On-going

7 Construction of Hon Frank Omare Crescent, Okunagba Layout, Warri On-going


1 Construction of Main Axial Road, Okerenkoko On-going

2 Construction Oporoza Palace Road in Warri South West Local Government Area. On-going

3 Re-inforced Concrete Ridge Pavement Road at Olritobon-Elolo-Ajaokurogbo-Orubu Road, Ogidegben. Ongoing


1 Construction of Access Road to Awaritse Industrial Park (Phase I) Obitugbo in Warri North L.G.A Completed

2 Reconstruction of the Korobe Road, Koko. On-going.

3 Construction of Lucky Kpenosen Road, Koko. On-going.

4 Completion of the Construction of Iwere College Road, Koko. On-going.


1 Construction of Drains/Retaining Wall Old Emede Road/Emede-Olomoro Junction Oleh in Isoko South Local Government Area. On-going

2 Construction of Ikpide-Irri township Roads in Isoko South Local Government Area. Completed

3 Reconstruction/Expansion/Construction of Kefas Road/Old Emede Road/Uzere Junction, Oleh. Completed


1 Widening/Reconstruction Of Owhelogbo/Abbi Road in Isoko North And Ndokwa West Local Government Areas. On-going

2 Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay of Old Ozoro/Oleh Road in Isoko North and South L.G.A. Completed

3 Construction of Anglican Diocese Grammar School Road, Uzuobe Street and Rehabilitation/ Overlay of Township Roads, Iyede. On-going.

4 Construction of Aradhe/Ellu Old Road [Phase 11] from the Ughelli/Asaba Expressway to Aradhe. On-going


1 Clearing of Adjoining Forest Areas Along Aladja/Ogbe-Ijoh Road, in Udu and Warri South West L.G.A. On-going

2 Reconstruction of Ovwian Main Road, off Udu. Completed


1 Construction of Uduophori (Bomadi/Ohoro Junction)/Toru-Angiama/Toru-Apelebiri/Patani Road (Phase II) Completed


1 Construction of Oviri-Olomu/Egodor in Ughelli South and Burutu L.G.A. On-going

2 Rehabilitation/Resealing of Okpare-Umolo-Ovwodokpokpor-kiagbodo Road. Completed

3 Reconstruction of failed Portion of Ewhu-Orere Road and Construction of Etage street, Ewhu. On-going

4 Rehabilitation of Ekakpare/Usiefurun/Orhunworun Road. On-going

5 Construction of Ovwor/Effurun-Otor Bridge and Access Road. On-going

6 Construction of Oviri-Olomu-Egodor Road. On-going

7 Rehabilitation & Resealing of Otu-Jeremi/Okwagbe Road in Ughelli South L.G.A. Completed

8 Construction of Okpe-Olomu/Umolo Road, Phase 1 from Okpe Olomu to Olomu secondary school, Otorere Completed


1 Reconstruction of Oteri Township road, Ughelli. Completed

2 Rehabilitation/Maintenance of Various Link Roads to Agbarha. Completed

3 Resurfaing of Ughelli-Agbarha Road in Ughelli North Local Government Area Ch 1 + 707 – Ch 6 + 361 (Phase one) Completed

4 Construction of Royal Avenue and Prince Eric Drive, Ughelli. On-going

5 Construction of Oseri/Ayovoriemu Street with a Spur to Justice Marshall Umukoro Street, Ekiugbo. On-going

6 Construction of Oritsejobor Street, Dr Steve Oru Street, Dr Steve Or Close, Okpedjiko Street Extension and Rehabilitation of Okpodjiko Access Road, Ughelli. On-going

7 Construction of Ughelli- Afiesere-Ofuoma Road. On-going

8 Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay of Ekreravwe/Orhoakpor/Isiokolo Road, in ughelli North and Ethiope East. On-going

9 Construction of Ovwor/Effurun Otor Bridge and Access Roads in Ughelli South L.G.A. On-going


1 Aragba/Okobia/Okwetolor/Okuagbude/Warri-Sapele Junction. On-going

2 Construction of Adeola Road/New Ogorode Road Junction, Sapele. Completed

3 Rehabilitation and overlay of Ogaga Road and Construction of spur to Rev. Atufe Oyibo Close, Amukpe Sapele LGA. Completed

4 Rehabilitation of Warri – Sapele Expressway at Ch 6 + 500 and at Ch 1 + 100 from Effurun Roundabout. Completed

5 Construction of Edegbrode-Elume Road in Sapele Local Government Area. On-going

6 Dualization of Sapele Road from Amukpe Roundabout by Sapele/Warri Expressway to AT & P Roundabout Sapele in Sapele Local Government Area. On-going

7 Construction of Ikoyo Avenue [Obule school road] off Shell road, Sapele. Completed

8 Construction of Hon Joyce Overah Street, off Dedevwo Road, Gana to link Otuedor Street, Ugberikoko Road, Sapele. On-going


1 Construction of Okurekpo/Okunor-Okpara/Onuname-Samagidi Road, Phase I from Okurekpo to Okoruah. On-going

2 Construction of Access road and Parking  Lot at the Palace of Ovie of Agbon kingdom at Isiokolo. Completed.


1 Construction of Oghara Township Roads (phase6): Golley Street and Ugbevwie Road in Ethiope West L.G.A. On-going

2 Rehabilitation of Failed Sections of Link Road from Oghara to Koko / Ugbenu Highway in Ethiope West Local Government Area. On-going

3 Construction of Oghara Township Roads (phase 6): Golley Street and Ugbevwie Road in Ethiope West L.G.A. On going

4 Exapansion/Rehabilitation of sections Oghara Junction to Otefe Junction in Ethiope West. Completed

5 Dualization of Access Road to Jesse. On-going

6 Rehabilitation of Abraka Township Road, [Phase 1] On-going


1 Expansion and Upgrading of Tankers Park, Ekpan; Reconstruction of Ugborikoko/Polokor  Market / Okere Road, Uvwei L.G.A. On-going

2 Construction of Ugbomro Road (Section I: Between DSC Expressway and the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Junction) in Uvwie Local Government Area. On-going

3 Reconstruction of Obodo Avenue Road (Old Berger Road) Shaguolo Area, off WRPC, Ekpan. Completed

4 Maintenance of Roads in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area Completed

5 Construction of Group Medical and City of Gods road and Overlay of entrance at Mosheshe Estate, Effurun. Completed

6 Widening of Warri-Sapele road Phase 1 from Effurun Roundabout to Enerhen Juction [BRT] Project. On-going

7 Dualization of Effurun/Osubi/Eku Road,[ Sector A]. On-going


1 Construction of Ejinyere/Orodje Streets Orerokpe, Okpe L.G.A Completed

2 Construction of Onomigbo Street, Orerokpe, Okpe L.G.A Completed

3 Construction of Okuvo-Kpokpogri-Opuraja/Iriama Junction Road in Okpe L.G.A Completed

4 Rehabilitation of Jeddo Ughoton Road and Construction of Access Road to Eagles Height University. On-going

5 Construction of Old Okpe road from Jeddo to Ohorhe with a spur to Egborode town. On-going

6 Rehabilitation of Ugbokodo road from Jeddo-Ughoton road junction to the market.  On-going



Delta To Build 1,000 Units Housing Estate; Creates 42,169 Jobs

IN a bid to bridge the housing gap and to create jobs for young Deltans, the Delta State Executive Council yesterday approved the negotiated Consultancy fees for the Shelter Afrique Funded Housing Estate of 1,000 Housing units in Issele-Azagba and Azagba-Ogwashi.

The Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah who briefed the press in Government House said Governor Ifeanyi Okowa presided at the meeting where approvals were granted for the negotiated Consultancy fees for the Housing Estate and the completion and rehabilitation of two roads across the State.

According Mr Ukah, Exco approved the construction and rehabilitation of more roads in the state in fulfillment of the administration’s SMART Agenda of providing better living condition for Deltans.

He listed the roads to be completed to include the Ogwashi-Uku/Ubulu-Uku/Ubulu-Unor road in Aniocha South Local Government Area, adding that in order to prolong the life span of roads across the State, the Delta State Government approved the Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay of Ekakpamre/Ekrokpe/Usiefrun/Orhuwhorun road in Ughelli South and Udu Local Government Areas.

Mr. Ukah while speaking on the job creation efforts of the government said;”to capture the huge number of Delta youths and graduates from various institutions in the country, the State Government through the SMART programmes and policies had created 42,169 direct and indirect jobs since the inception of this administration,”.

Delta Restates Determination To Tackle Flooding 

The Delta State Government has taken short and long term measures in its determination to tackle the flooding problems in the state capital and other parts of the state.

A statement signed by the Media Assistant to the State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Sam Ijeh, stated that as part of the short term measures to ameliorate the effects of flooding in the state, old canals have been cleared and are still being cleared,  while new ones have been created in flood prone areas in the state.

He disclosed that a 10 kilometre canal from Mgbalamgba to Iyeti rivers for onward discharge to river Ase have been created in Isheagu, Aniocha South Local Government Area and another one in Oghara, Ethiope West Local Government Area.

Existing canals in Koko, Agbor, Ughelli, Sapele, Agbarho, Anwai Camp 74, Warri as well as other towns have also been cleared to ensure free flow of water.

According to the statement, regular disiltation of drains along Okpanam Road and the Core Areas, the creation of ‘catch pits’ in strategic locations (i.e. Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS), Asaba, front of old Secretariat and Airport View, off Okpanam Road) are also part of the short term measures put in place by the government to check the menace of flooding.

The Ministries of Lands, Surveys and Urban Development and that of Environment are tackling the issues of buildings erected on natural waterways and appropriate action will be taken in the not too distant future, particularly in the state capital territory.

The statement explained that the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Delta State chapter, is collaborating with state government in finding a lasting solution to the incidences of flooding in the state, especially in Asaba and environs. In addition a Storm Water consultant, Jefcon Consultant, has been engaged to provide lasting strategies to tackle the problem.

As a long term measure, the state government in May this year, reviewed the scope and cost of the continuation and completion of the construction of Storm Water Control in Direct Labour Agency (DLA) Road/Jesus Saves Corridor, Asaba.

Work on the project will commence immediately the rains subside as advised by the contractor in charge of the project, CECC, who opined that some buildings in the area might cave in if the work commences during the rains.

It will be recalled that the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) had earlier warned that 16 states of the Federation, which included Delta, will experience heavy flooding this year.

This prompted the state government to embark on massive sensitization program to intimate inhabitants in the state living in flood prone areas to relocate to safer grounds so as to avoid negative consequences and also to desist from throwing refuse into the drains.

The statement said that the state government is doing all in its power to deliver on its campaign promises by providing good governance and called on citizens to continue to support the government.


desilted-orogodo river, Agbor
Cleared Canal , Osubi
Cleared canal, Oghara

Contractors Fixing Portions Of Bad Roads -DTSG

Deltans have been assured that any defect noticed on the roads commissioned recently by the state government in any part of the state will be fixed by the contractors of such roads without any cost to the government.

A statement signed by the Media Assistant to the State Commissioner for information, Mr. Sam Ijeh, in Asaba today (22/09/2017) explained that in all the contracts, there is what is known as Defect Liability Period which usually lasts for 12 months. During this period,  any defect detected is liable to be corrected by the contractor without added costs to the state government.

We do understand the concerns of Deltans and we assure them that the bad parts of all completed road projects have been fixed, or are either being addressed or will be addressed as soon as the rains subside.

The statement emphasized that the state government has not commenced work on the Enerhen Road Junction in Effurun, but that the State Executive Council has given a directive that as soon as the rains subside, the bad section of the road should be scoped and rigid concrete pavement be done on that section of the road.

On Ekakpramre/Ekrokpe/Usiefrun/ Orhonwonron Road in Ughelli South/Udu Local Government Areas, the statement explained that it is not true that the road has been abandoned as the contractor has commenced work and have completed over 600 metres of overlay.

The contractor however made a proposal which was approved by the state government that due to the heavy rains, he would suspend work but will commence as soon as the rains subside.

We are using this medium to urge Deltans to be patient with the Okowa-led Government and to remain positive that ‘prosperity for all Deltans’ is on course, the statement added.

Delta Govt Taking Holistic Approach In Addressing Environmental Challenges – Nani

The Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa led Delta state government has once again reiterated its unreserved commitment to addressing the peculiar environmental needs of every community in the state.

This assurance was given by the state Commissioner for Environment, Barr. John Obukohwo Nani while inspecting the ongoing crucial mechanical desiltation of waterways and creation of new ones across the state to allow for easy flow of water in flood prone areas of the state.

The Honorable Commissioner stated that the state has carried out baseline studies of all environmentally impacted communities with peculiar challenges and various remedial  mechanism is being harnessed to place environmental degraded communities in the state on the path of environmental prosperity.

The state government’s proactive approach according to the Hon. Commissioner has resulted in the massive opening of canals including the creation of new ones in Isheagu, Ewulu, Agbor, Asaba, Sapele, Oghara, Ughelli, Warri, Osubi, Effurun, Aghalokpe and other towns in the state.

An impressed Hon. Nani appealed to Deltans to be patient with the government stating that “Though the environmental challenges are burdensome and cannot be comprehensively addressed immediately the flexible arrangement we are adopting by bringing all interventionists agencies and the World Bank to work with us will bring about a robust implementation of the flood control strategies”.

Speaking further, Hon. Nani stated that the baseline studies has identified gully erosion, coastal erosion, land degradation and lack of proper system as well as pollution as the most threatening and disturbing environmental challenges that the state is faced with.

However, Hon. Nani explained that the state government has keyed into the Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Projects, a World Bank assisted programme aimed at addressing land degradation and that five sites namely; Midomer/Iweriebor Erosion Site, Boji Boji Owa in Ika North-East; Obomkpa Erosion Site, Obomkpa and Ukwu-Nzu Erosion Site, both in Aniocha North Local Government Area; Jesse Flood Site, Jesse in Ethiope West Local Government Area and Oniocha-Uku Erosion Site in Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area, has been selected for priority attention in the first phase.

“I am pleased to also inform you that as part of proactive measure to address coastal erosion and ocean surge, the Delta State government has keyed into the West African Coastal State programmes. The programme will facilitate funding to provide shoreline protection in coastal erosion rampaged communities in the state” he added.

Hon. Nani averred that the Delta State Oil producing Area Commission, Niger Delta Development Commission, the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, the ecological fund office, the world bank and other relevant government MDAs and NGO are also being carried along in this sincere drive to ensure environmental prosperity for all Deltans.

On the ongoing massive opening of waterways across the state, Hon. Nani expressed optimism that the government effort is already paying off as flood water are receding aggressively in erstwhile flood rampaged communities for the overall benefit of Deltans.

He also assured Deltans of Gov. Okowa’s strong determination and sincere commitments to meet the yearnings of all through the robust implementation of the Smart Agenda.

Cleared canal, Oghara
desilted-orogodo river, Agbor
Work in progress, Osubi